Atlantis City is a city in northeastern Zanpo that was independent and recently joined Zanpo, led by Pipuq. It is currently working on constructing a mideval district, and is working with professional architects Towndefense.


These are mayors and moderators.

  • Pipuq - Mayor
  • Cilvicport - Moderator


  • 2008 - Carpathium settlers come to the Northeastern Zanpo and took over the lands, and constructed Atlantis City.
  • 2009 - For reasons unknown, the settlers abandoned Atlantis City and left, leaving behind large structures such as olden buildings and walls.
  • 2010 - The city is colonized by explorer Pipuq and his crew. They remained independent from the Zanpo Empire.
  • 2011 - Zanpo leadership sets their eyes on Atlantis City and demands their immidiate surrender. Pipuq accepts after a long war.