Froggy City HistoryEdit

Froggy city was founded when ion496 needed a "getaway" place to run back to. It was paradise for him, but hell for any intruders. Froggyville evolved from the city Zzzz and then evolved to current-day Froggy City.

Froggy City FutureEdit

2012, The future awaits.

Points of InterestEdit

Here are some nice places to go in FC,

  • Froggy City Military Base (coordinates: 28, -18)
  • Froggy City Military Barracks (coordinates: 3, -8)
  • Froggy City armed forces monument (coordinates: X:7 Y:2)

Modern Froggy CityEdit

The mayor of FC is Ion496. The past and current moderators are,

  • Pinkman
  • Skippy42 is a temporary moderator for the restoration project.
  • Currency is froggy bucks, there are 50 froggy bucks in one zan. The symbol for the froggy buck is "‰".