History Edit

Noobs, (aka Newbie) even existed back at Stone ages! One famous noob was wraner. wraner was so noobish that they had to ban him from every major city. In march, 2010, Wetsoul was crowned the King of the Noobs. Currently, there are some 250,000 noobs on Zanpo. Some experts predict the noob population in Zanpo by 2012 will reach at least 2,000,000.

Roleplay Edit

Although many people dislikes Noobs they like to mke roleplay with them. Legoxander was the first zanpoian that made the NOOB WAR. Here are some roleplays,

  • Wetsoul Wars
  • Release the Vandal

Famous Noobs Edit

Here are some famous noobs in zanpo,

  • Gamia
  • Wraner
  • Unidentified
  • Lgmmkm
  • Willy On wheels