A photon torpedo is the most powerful weapon in the froggy city arsenal. Offically declared a Weapon of mass destruction by froggy city, in defiance of the Pietopia Decleration.


The principle of the photon torpedo was antimatter annihilating matter, giving off a HUGE amount of energy. A photon torpedo was discovered when a scientist fired 2 photons at each other. One had to go through a slot. While going through the slot, one of the photons changed into an anti-photon, creating a massive amount of energy and almost destroying the test chamber. The technology was then given to froggy city government, And 500 photons mixed with 500 anti-photons would give out at least 25 megatons. The goverment put one kilogram of anti-heluim with one kilogram of heluim, Making a blast force of at least twice the tsar bomba, AKA 100 Megatons.

How It WorksEdit

Photon torpedoes work by using 500 anti-photons fired at 500 normal photons. Since the creation of anti-matter is extremely hard and expensive via conventional means, scientists have found a cheaper and easier way. You fire a photon at half the speed of light through a slot just large enough for it to fit in, then it converts into antimatter and then annihilates the normal photons. This is repeated until all 500 photon are annihilated. It has to fire as many anti-photons as possible before destroying itself. A normal Mark II photon torpedo has 500 photons on the "Normal" Side and 500 photons on the "Anti" side. There are 100 slots and as many photons as possible pass through and turn into anti-photons before the bomb is destroyed and destroys the targeted area with it. A mark II Photon torpedo has an average blast of 25 megatons.