What is a Proton Torpedo?Edit

A proton torpedo is a missile-like weapon developed by Daimon Port. It was disovered by accedent when scientists were running protons through a mixture of water, graphite, citric acid and 300 volts of eletricity. The scientists foun that when immersed in this mixture, it speeds up to mach 3. So they coated it in a mixture of metals (the names are lead, chromium and gold), and ran it through again. This time it went mach 7 and destroyed the test chamber. Proton Torpedos are now only used as a power source or a weapon.

Another way has been found by reserchers in the Proton Torpedo Reserch Facility in Daimon Port. First an atom is split (see Nukes). The protons that are emmited are ran through a supersaturated solution of citric acid and boran surrounded by a ring of superconducters. An electric charge is then shot into the solution and the protons explode with 200,000 kilotons of force. This is much more powerfull than the other way of making one (and more reliable), but is harder to compress, so it is only used in ICBMs or bombs.

How powerfull is it?Edit

A standerd Proton Torpedo's blast equals about 200,000 kilotons of force. It is almost as powerfull as a Photon Torpedo (1 megaton).