RWC was born not too long ago, but boasts the fastest growth rate in all of Zanpo.  In just two months we created a city containing over 2,500 blocks!  The surprise is that we still have beautiful architecture, much wildlife and wilderness, and not much repetition!
    The current mayor of RWC is Wehttam21.  He thought of his city as a personalized paradise for himself, which is why he only has one moderator.  The mod is Crazymany2, mayor of Crystal Cove.

                                                                                                                       Current Projects:

1 - Pico Island - It will be the 'Manhattan Island' of Zanpo. It will have modern, high-rise office and apartment buildings.

                                                                                                                       Future Projects:

1 - Incorporated Island - Will the HQ for many large Zanpo companies. 2 - Sports Island - Many major league sports teams will be set here.

    There is so much more in need of being built here, but there is so much that is done!  We have Rockwater Island with the city hall and visitors center, Crazymany Island with many business buildings, and Exotic Island with beautiful rainforests and wildlife reserves.  We also have Airport Island, which is self-explanatory and Wehttam Island, an old style, beautiful island with tiled floors acroos the whole island, a beach, and many businesses and residences.  We just finished Maukichi Island, a tropical, very undeveloped island with only railroads for transportation.  We also completed Palace Island home to Wehttam's palace.  It is probably the biggest palace in Zanpo.  Overall it consists of 100 blocks!  It is a 10x10 formation!