This is a city that was created by a newbie, and frogot about the site. Luckly, he made some one a mod, Erogon, and he is running the city.

Canacala LakeEdit

Canacala Lake is the main way the City is divided, although there's always the Cities Walls.

What's It River TownEdit

This part of the city is in on the South- West side of the Lake, on main land, and surrounding Islands. It consist of a small section of What's It river Commuinity, The Royal Community, The Luxio River Community, Starter Community, Canacala Island and soon port It.

What's It River CommunityEdit

This is the most esxlusive part of the Town. It houses the Famouse River Homes, What's It River Community Church, and A Park based around the canal.


The Royal CommunityEdit

This houses the Crystal Dimond Hospital, The Imperial Palace, and the Lovely River Homes.

The Luxio River CommunityEdit

This is a lovely, yet crowed part of the district. It House Mainly Apartments, and Thje Xione Resort, a simple, yet elagant resort.

Starter CommunityEdit

This is the simplest Community in the town. It houses A very complex Canal System.

Canacala IslandEdit

This is the newest adition of the town at the moment. It's mainly only spacers, and road ways.

Port ItEdit

This is a newly planed area. It will hold many of Xione Inc.s Cruisers, and It's HQ. It will also hold many other HQs.

Groven AvenueEdit

This connects most of Whatever together. In many areas, it's the only road, like in most of What's It River Town.